What Does My Name Say About Me

What does my name say about me? Many people now realize that their name is far more than the simple meanings you find in name books. They know their name affects their personality – for better or worse! what does my name say about me

Your name actually affects far more than just your personality, and I’ll tell you more about that here.

The interesting thing is, not only can we understand ourselves better when we know what our name means, but we can also use the information to get the best out of our lives.
After all, if you know where your true talents lie, and what your main purpose in life is, you can follow your destiny.
Some people spend their whole lives on the wrong path. What a waste!
Name meanings can also help your relationships – with your partner, child or friend. After all, if you REALLY understand them on a deep level, then you can get the best out of that relationship.
There won’t be so many silly misunderstandings, because you will truly know how that person ‘ticks’ and why they behave as they do!


Want to know ‘what does my name say about me?’

Name Numerology will reveal to you all of the things below:
Your Life Path Number.
Your Life Path Number tells you about the path you should take through life. It also reveals the skills and talents you have that will help to make your journey through life as rewarding as possible.
Your Life Destiny Number
Your Destiny Number tells you about those things you should accomplish in your life in orderwhat does my name mean to be fulfilled.
Your Soul Number
Your Soul Number describes your most deep-seated wishes and dreams and the person you truly want to be.
Your Personality Number
Your Personality Number reveals the your personality traits and the person others see when they meet you.


Your name reveals what’s coming up in your future

What does my name say about me regarding future events?

The 4 Pinnacles.
Pinnacles represent those moments in your life when you achieve current goals and learn some of life’s lessons. If you are at the beginning of a Pinnacle, then they can be used as a prediction tool to help you manage your future.

Your first Pinnacle begins at birth and lasts until the age of about 27. Your Second Pinnacle last through the next 9 years. The Third Pinnacle lasts for 9 years after the Second Pinnacle has passed. Your Fourth Pinnacle picks up where the Third Pinnacle ends and last throughout the rest of your life.

Plus you will learn about:
The 3 Cycles
Cycles occur in 28 year sections. The First Cycle lasts from your birth through your 28th year and is called your Formative or Seed Cycle.
The Second Cycle, your Productive or Fruit Cycle, begins at age 29 and last through your 56th year.

The Third Cycle, your Harvest Cycle, begins with the coming of your 57th year and lasts for the rest of your life.
Your Cycle Numbers tell you the lessons you must learn and goals you must meet to stay on your Life’s Path and achieve your true destiny.
Next you will also find out about:
The 4 Challenges
Challenges tell you about the personal weaknesses and temptations you will have to overcome, and the strengths you will have to develop to fully accomplish your goals. The 4 Challenges have the same time frame as the 4 Pinnacles.


See what this coming year is bringing you

What does my name say about me with regard to what is happening in my life this year?

Well, You will also learn about:
Your Personal Year Number.
This number tells you what is happening in your life during this year. This number should be used to help you avoid problems and setbacks and concentrate your energies on those areas of your life where you are most likely to achieve your aims and wishes.

So, if you are wondering “what does my name say about me?” hopefully you will now see that the answer is ‘an awful lot!’.
A Name Numerology reading using name analysis provides you with all the information you need to understand all aspects of yourself and your purpose and path in life. Invaluable!


How to unlock the secrets of YOUR name

What does my name say about me – your free report!

Isn’t it incredible to think that all of these powerful insights are hidden within our names – and can be unlocked by a Numerologist who knows how to interpret all the numbers represented our names and date of birth. (Or you can work it out yourself using my Numerology Calculation page and a good numerology book.)

To order your free report about YOUR name, or perhaps your partner or child’s name, simply go here.

It’s an amazingly insightful report that will probably make you wonder how something as simple as letters and numbers can hold so much fascinating information about you.

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