Numerology Chart. Here’s how to calculate your own chart, and how to get it done for you FREE!

how to calculate your numerology chart
Numerology chart

If you are looking for a numerology chart, I’m going to show you here 3 different ways to get your own chart or numerology report.

Before I do that; What is a numerology chart?

Your full name and date of birth can be used in different ways in Numerology to look at different aspects of YOU.

For instance, by using the consonants in someone’s name we can delve into your personality, your outer self and how others see you.

By looking at your day of birth we can delve into your natural talents and abilities among other things.

Your Numerology Chart is made up of 5 core numbers, which I tell you about shortly.

The calculations for all these 5 numbers make up your numerology chart!


Here’s how to get your personal numerology chart

Firstly you can get a professional numerologist to do your chart for you. That’s the quickest way and really the most reliable way to get an in-depth accurate reading: This one is free.

Secondly you can learn how to create your own numerology chart. I will show you the two different systems (Chaldean & Pythagorean) further down this page that will enable you to work out your special core numbers from your full birth name and date of birth.

Thirdly you can use a numerology software program to create a numerology chart. Some are free, some you pay for. The free ones usually only give you a reading for your life path which is very limited and doesn’t give you the ‘whole picture’. Some allow you to create charts for others that you charge for.
So, let me now show you the 2 main numerology alphabets:


For your numerology chart: Here is the Chaldean-Hebrew Numerical Alphabet

J=1….K=2 ….L=3….M=4….N=5….O=7….P=8….Q=1….R=2
S=3….T=4….U=6….V=6…. W=6….X=5….Y=1….Z=7


For your numerology chart: Here is the Pythagorean Numerology Alphabet

J=1….K=2…. L=3….M=4….N=5….O=6….P=7….Q=8….R=9
S=1….T=2….U=3….V=4 ….W=5….X=6….Y=7….Z=8

The Pythagorean is easier to use and most numerologists use this one these days when creating a numerology chart, so my examples will be based on this.


There are 5 core numbers in numerology which I’m going to show you here.
These 5 core numbers are:



Let me tell you a little about each number and I’ll then show you how to calculate yours.
Your Day Force Number is based on the day of your birth (e.g. the 15th) and reveals how other people see you who aren’t that close to you like work colleagues.
It also shows us what natural talents you have and what your style is, and your colors.

Your Life Path Number is based on your DATE OF BIRTH and tells you about your overall journey through life and what you can hope to achieve.

Your Expression Number is based on your FULL BIRTH NAME. It really describes the ideal you that you could become.

Your Soul Urge Number is based on the VOWELS in your name and gives you a very spiritual reading about your inner desires. It can show you where you where you could find the most fulfillment in your life.

Your Karmic Number is based on the CONSONANTS in your full birth names. It will tell you about all your secret hopes and fears, your subconscious urges.
It can also show you how others see you when they first meet you.
This video demonstrates how to calculate your destiny/karmic number


How to calculate your 4 core numbers for your numerology chart

Because it requires a different method to work out each of the 4 core numbers, I have created a new page all about this as there’s too much to fit in on this page: numerology calculation where you can explore the different methods and work out your own core numbers, or those of a loved one.
I give you easy to follow step-by-step details for how to calculate each number to make it as simple as possible for you.

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