The Number 1 Reason You Are Single?

If you are looking for love – your Soul Mate – The One – and are having challenges finding them, here’s the number 1 reason you may still be single…

“I didn’t feel a spark!” – How many times do we hear that phrase? I hear it all the time on the TV program First Dates!!

  • Are you still looking for ‘The One’?
  • Have you ever walked away after a first meeting or date because there was no ‘spark’?
  • Or are you with your current partner mainly because you felt a ‘spark’ when you first met?


Here’s the problem with sparks…

They die out sooner or later!

And then what are you left with? More often than not, a person you have little in common with and maybe a person you don’t even LIKE  very much!


Here’s the other problem with sparks…

Sometimes they don’t appear immediately. They wait until some genuine rapport has occurred, and until you have had time to get to know each other on a deeper level. Then, boom! Sparks galore! But so many people never get to that point because they think there has to be an instant spark – where does that idea come from, Hollywood rom coms?


Listen up you star crossed lovers, stop looking for sparks and start looking deeper – true love that lasts is based on compatibility, and when you are truly compatible the chemistry will be there sooner or later.

How do you know if you are compatible?


  1. You can use logic – how many things do you have in common, do you share similar values and beliefs, do you want similar things for your future.


  1. You can use Love Compatibility Name (why not use this as well as logic) which will reveal how compatible you are in all the important areas of your personalities and your life!


  1. You can get your astrological charts analysed to see how compatible you are.

love compatibility name reading

When you KNOW you are compatible, you can put your love, time and effort into your relationship knowing that it is energy well spent!

After all, who wants to spend years TRYING to make a relationship work, when actually you aren’t suited to each other?

Who wants to keep trying to change their partner into the person you want them to be? Better to FIND the one who is already as you want them to be! Yes?


Get your compatibility analysed here, it’s all based on your full names!

Or for your astrology compatibility go here!