Names and why we literally can’t live without them!

Names – We simply can’t live without them. 

At least, it would be tricky…

Before we talk about things like… the meaning of your names, what happens to your name if you become a Nun and what the Egyptians used to do to your name if you committed a crime – here are just some of the vital things in life that we have named. Imagine the chaos if we hadn’t named them!


Names are simply EVERYWHERE!

In fact try and think of something that doesn’t have a name! names

  • We’ve named the planets and stars (well, some stars anyway) in our galaxy.
  • We’ve named volcanoes, winds, hurricanes, oceans and rivers.
  • We’ve named our towns and cities, roads, wars and battles. We name our pets – cats, dogs fish, you name it… (sorry, couldn’t resist!).
  • We name our companies and political parties.
  • And then of course there’s the most fascinating area of names: the names we have as people.
  • We pinpoint heroes and heroines throughout history by their NAMES.
  • We trace our family tree using names.
  • We write to people using their name on the envelope and letter. How else could our letter reach the intended person?
  • Many of us use our name in our email address.
  • Lovers used to (and some no doubt still do) carve their names inside a heart shape on tree trunks.


“I Do!”

Our full names are used during a wedding ceremony (in fact in most legal situations). “Do you James Charles Richard Browning take Catherine Mary Louise Harper…”

You’ll discover on my nThe name is Bond...(1)ame compatibility page why the significance of taking on a new surname upon marriage has far greater effect than you ever dreamed!

Our names appear on our birth certificate. And on our driving license and passport and we can’t go anywhere without those.

Criminals and spies use false names on their passport so that they can still travel where they want to go – without being arrested because of their real name.


Imagine Having NO NAME…

Did you know…
That in Egypt they used to take away a criminal’s name as punishment for committing a crime, so in effect they became a non-person.

If you want to be a nun or a priest you have to change your name. You DROP your family name (I.e. Your surname) and change your first name, often to that of a saint. Eg Sister Maria, Brother Francis etc

By changing the surname it breaks the link with the family. By taking on the name of a Saint, it is hoped the person will take on saintly characteristics.

Where on earth would we be without our names?


The area I find the most fascinating is THE MEANING OF OUR NAMES.

Because this is such a huge subject I have created a whole separate section about this.

Did you know that your in-depth name meaning affects: Your personality traits, the career you are most suited to and … well, you’ll just have to click here to find out: what your name means

What does my name mean: Home page

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