Name Compatibility. Discover If You Are You With ‘The One’ Using Name Numerology

Name compatibility; Are you with ‘The One’?

Are you and yourrelationship compatibility how do you know if you are compatible? partner really compatible?

How can you know for sure?

Let’s face it, when you are madly in love you can unknowingly overlook a whole host of problems that only show themselves later on. If you are married by then it’s too late to run!

Analysing your names is one way to find out if you are truly compatible for the long term and it can be very effective.

It involves looking at the in depth characteristics of your full names… it may sound bizarre but it is actually based on an ancient science called name numerology and can really help reveal whether you are suited to each other in all the important areas of your lives.

Check out these testimonials from people who have had their names analyzed!


At the bottom of this page you can order your personal Relationship Compatibility Reading… it will reveal everything about your relationship. You might like to do this compatibility test too.


name compatibilityWith divorce rates so high these days it’s very wise to understand each other fully before making a commitment so that you go into marriage with your eyes wide open – because don’t forget that love IS most definitely blind!

Here are all the details about how name compatibilty can help you and your love life…

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Is Love Enough? Name Compatibility Gives You Extra Security

Name compatibility gives you solid facts about all aspects of your relationship which can help you avoid making a costly mistake. Many people decide to live together or marry based only on feelings of love (or lust, or neediness and so on).

The problem is that those loving feelings can change over time as we know. Many people rush into commitment when they are still in that ‘honeymoon’ stage – you know, that lovely phase when that special person can do no wrong, and all you want is to be with them forever…

The problem is, that phase moves sooner or later into another phase where we stop seeing our partner through love-tinted vision and those little (or big!) niggles start…

If you are both really compatible those niggles won’t harm your relationship because beneath the love and passion you share many common interests and your personalities are well matched.

But if you aren’t compatible you are in trouble!

The cost, both emotionally and financially, if you commit to the wrong partner can be huge.

If you are already married but feel your relationship needs help, or you just want to understand your partner better, or see what is coming up in the future, a name compatibility reading will help you too. It will reveal where the problem areas are and how to improve them.

compatibility test

What do you get with a name compatibility reading?

A name compatibility reading (over 40 pages long) will firstly tell you all about your partner’s true personality from each of their names.

This goes into great detail, so that you can really know and understand them on a deeper level.

This includes their strengths, their weaknesses, why they are as they are and much more.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know BEFORE you move in with them/marry them whether they are:

Honest or dishonest?

Kind or cruel?

Generous or mean?

Loving or undnumerology compatibilityemonstrative? And so on…

People can be very clever at hiding their true selves as we know.

How often do we read about someone who was betrayed/cheated on, abandoned etc by a partner who had seemed wonderful at the start?
Name compatibility will also reveal the following:

  • Your Life Path compatibility
    Your life path numbers are the most important numbers out of your whole numerology chart. The compatibility of your and your partners Life Path numbers are extremely important.


  • Your Hearts Desire compatibility
    This reveals the inner person, the more spiritual aspect of you both. If your heart’s desire numbers are incompatible, it is unlikely that your relationship will go beyond the first stages


  • Your Expression number compatibility
    This reveals who you both are as a person, the deeper side of yourselves.


  • Your Personality compatibility
    This is based on the consonants in your full birth names. It shows how others see you.


  • Your Personal month and Personal year compatibility
    Your Personal Year numbers reveal the trends situations you will go through during the coming year.

In other words, you will learn about EVERY aspect of compatibility between you and your partner.


Name compatibility readingA name compatibility report makes fascinating reading, and can be used as a long term tool to help you get the very best out of your relationship.

If you would like to book yours, the price is just £29.99 and you can pay securely in any currency via PayPal using the button below. The reading is usually over 40 pages long and will be emailed to you.

You will return to this page once you have paid: I then need your details to do your reading for you. So, simply use the contact form below and tell me:

  • Your full birth name
  • Your partner’s full birth name
  • Both dates of birth
  • The first names you like to be known by currently


That’s it! Leave the rest to me and I will get your reading to you within a week.

If you have any questions before going ahead with your name compatibility reading, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help. Jo.

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