Name Analysis ~ Here’s What Your Name Reveals About YOU!

What does your name really mean? You are about to find out using name analysis!


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Name analysis. “What is that?” It’s an ancient  numbers-based system that enables you to find out what your name says about you in great detail“You mean my name actually MEANS something?” Well, yes, as a matter of fact your name is a veritable fount of information, all about you!

Using a system called name numerology (which in simple terms is a numbers system) we can discover an incredible amount of information, not just about ourselves, but about another person too. Imagine how useful it is to REALLY understand your partner, friend or child…




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Name analysis



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What exactly can name analysis reveal about you?

Name analysis is nothing new. Since ancient times, certain groups of people have been aware of the real power of a name…

The ancient Egyptians are one such group.

Bizarrely, as your name is formed from letters, name analysis is actually all to do with numbers.

Each letter of every name has a numerical value.

By understanding the numbers the secrets of your name can be unlocked! This is known as name numerology.

Your name analysis reveals… your personality traits, the career you are most suited to, your strengths and your weaknesses, your relationships, finances and more!

Astrology and name analysis

Name analysis is a little like astrology in as much as it’s an ancient system that uses calculations and charts to reveal depths of meaning about people.

Both systems are extremely useful for helping you know yourself at a deep level.


And both can be misunderstood – many people may think that astrology is simply those brief horoscopes you read in magazines, which are so generalised that it’s hard to pinpoint if they are accurate for you or not.

In a similar way, many people think that their name simply means ‘light’ or ‘dear one’ – based on those brief name meanings you get in books.

To say these are just skimming the surface is an understatement!


Using name numerology analysis you will go right into the deepest levels of your personality and your path in life and much more.

Why not use that valuable information to help you in your life?

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