Name Advice – For Changing Your Name Or Choosing A Baby Name


This report is ideal for you if you are:

  • Thinking of changing your name
  • Choosing a baby name
  • Deciding on a name for a business


Maybe you are changing your name because you are getting married, or divorced, or maybe you simply want a name change for the better.

Or perhaps you are deciding on a baby name and have a shortlist of your favorites, and want to know which will be the most positive for your baby, and why. After all, the simple name meanings you find in baby name books tell you nothing of the personality traits (and more) that your chosen baby name contains.

Or you may be starting a business and want the best name for your business success.

There’s no point putting time and effort and money in to a new business if the name lets it down or holds it back!

Discover with this reading which name is best & why.

This name numerology reading looks at the in depth meaning of up to 8 full names, and shows you which is the most positive.


Your Own Names

These could be your own names (Your birth name, your married name, a name you changed to, a name you like, a name you are thinking of changing to, a nickname etc).

Your name is affecting all areas of your life, so having the most positive name has to be an advantage! This reading will show you which name that is.


Baby Names

OR You could get a reading of your favorite baby names so that you know for sure which is best for your child. What better start in life can you give your child than a really positive name that will help them?


Business Names

OR you could have your business name ideas analyzed. A business name plays a crucial part in it’s success – just look at Virgin and Apple. Does YOUR business name inspire confidence and loyalty or is it forgettable?


If you would like to book this Name Advice reading, you can pay securely using this PayPal button (the cost is $39.99 and you can pay in any currency)

Then send me the (up to 8) names you would like analysed using this contact me form.

I will get your report to you within 2-7 days usually, by email.

If you have any questions, again just get in touch and I will be happy to help!

If you want your current name meaning analyzed, to discover it’s in depth meaning and find out what it says about you, just click here (it’s free).

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