15 Highly MEMORABLE Famous Names – Did Having These Names Help Make These Celebrities Famous?

If Jay-Z was still called Shawn, would he still have become a multi-millionnaire?

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Have you ever wondered whether famous people are successful partly because of their name? I am convinced that names and their sounds and meanings play a big part in a person’s success. Here’s why…

Twiggy, the world-famous model from the 1960’s said on America’s Next Top Model that her real name is Lesley Hornby. The name Twiggy was a nickname due to her skinny legs and when she was being photographed (before she was famous) the photographer said ‘you should use that name if you ever become a famous model.’

Within a short time she was on the front cover of a magazine under the headline ‘TWIGGY’. She was an overnight sensation. She said that having a unique name helped launch her career!

Her name is one of the most recognized famous names and like Madonna and Kylie, it’s just a single name.


Which famous names would you choose? Brad or Walter? Elvis or Cecil?

Would Brad Pitt really have become a sex symbol if he’d been called Walter Simpkins for instance?

Could you lust after a man with that name?

Would you even remember his name? (Apologies to anyone out there with that name!)

Actually, Brad’s birth name was William Bradley Pitt which made him ideally suited to a job as a banker or similar profession according to his name analysis!

If Marilyn Monroe had been called Margaret Betty Smithers would she have become such a lasting icon, dated by Presidents?

If Elvis Presley had been called Cecil Entwhistle, for example, would he have become the legend he did?

How about Leonardo DiCaprio? What a great sounding name, I can’t imagine someone with that name having an anonymous life.

Apparently his mother, when she was pregnant, noticed that when she looked at paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci her baby kicked! So she decided on her baby’s name… Imagine if he’d kicked in front of Constable’s paintings instead…

You may be surprised to learn that it’s not only the sound and look of a name that affects a person, and how others react to them. It’s also the in-depth meaning of the name. Some famous name meanings like Elvis’s absolutely guaranteed their success and fame – I have looked at his name in depth using name numerology.


Barack, Britney and Madonna

Has Madonna’s name helped her success? Has it created any problems for her? What about Britney’s name? Or George Michael’s?

How about Barack Obama’s name? Did it help him win the Presidency?


Which famous people have actually changed their name?

Did the name change benefit them? For instance, Iggy Pop’s real name was James Newell Osterberg – doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily does it!

Would they have had the same success with their original name? Or did the new name help/bring about their success?

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls has an almost impossible to pronounce full name: Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger.

Thank goodness she shortened it!

Check out all these celebrity name changes! Be warned, they are shocking!
Paul Barton, a talent scout for Warner Brothers says

“Having an exciting name is incredibly important in Pop. It’s often the first thing people will hear – even before the music.”

Jamie Nelson of EMI says

“A great name can help build an acts mystique.”

Name analysis using numerology reveals SO much about a name and the effect it has on all aspects of a person.

If you want the best name for your career success check out this. Maybe your name will one day be listed among these famous names!

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