Compatibility Test? 3 Best Ways To KNOW How Compatible You Really Are

Don’t leave it all up to fate! Take a compatibility test and KNOW if you are a match…

A compatibility test is one way to see how compatible you and your partner are.

Most compatibility testers are really just a bit of fun and are for entertainment purposes.

I happen to think relationships are worth more than that!

So here are 3 unusual & amazing ways to not only see how compatible you are at a very deep level, but also to help your relationship and strengthen it, no matter how good or challenging it may be right now!


  1. Name compatibility test
  2. 1000 Questions for couples
  3. Cosmic compatibility test

You can do 1, or 2, or all three!



Just a quick aside before the tests, can you relate to this…


Is it true love, or just true lust?

Here’s the bi

compatibility test - 3 ways to find out how compatible you are
Compatibility test

g problem with falling in love… and why a compatibility test is important

You may think a compatibility test is a waste of time. After all, you LOVE your partner! And love conquers all – doesn’t it?

Ah, well, not always and hold on just a minute! Aren’t you forgetting that love is blind? Here’s what I mean…

You are in a relationship.  Let’s say it’s a new one. You feel excited.  You can’t stop thinking about them. Nothing else matters. You neglect your friends. You don’t care so much about your career. You just want to be with them all the time, forever! You don’t know how you lived before you met them…

We tend to only see the good in our loved one during those first weeks and months, don’t we? But in most cases, problems gradually start to show. We see negative traits we didn’t even notice at the beginning. We start to wonder how we didn’t notice from the start that they can be, well… quite annoying/too serious/too flippant/always late/a bit irritating/terrible with money/lazy/addicted to video games/tv/drink (you get the picture!)

Lust and feelings of being in love can blind us. It’s only when these feelings start to fade a little (which may take days, weeks, months or even years!) that we realise we may have very little in common with our partner, and no real basis for a long lasting relationship.

It’s then all too easy to focus on the things we don’t like about our partner. If you both do that, the problems will quickly escalate. We often misunderstand the other person and don’t know how to handle their behaviour.

So, what is the solution? A compatibility test is the only logical one I know of!


A compatibility test/report based on your names and dates of birth

Compatibility test using names; One easy and fool-proof solution is to get a detailed Compatibility Report which will show you how compatible you are in all areas of your relationship.

The compatibility test report is over 40 pages long and goes into great detail about all aspects of the two of you which will enable you to fully understand each other at a very deep level.

You can then see whether or not your relationship is likely to work out, if it is worth staying for, and how to improve it.

It will also tell you what is coming up for you both over the next few years which can be extremely helpful.

You can find out more about a compatibility report by clicking here.


compatibility tester - 1000 questions for couples2nd compatibility test + how to fall more deeply in love

Compatibility tester ~ This relationship expert has put together 1000 questions for couples which are an absolute must for you if you are dating ~ and crucial if you are married!

Just click the image on the right to find out more about this compatibility test.

Life’s too short to waste time, energy and emotions on the wrong relationship! I hope you find the compatibility test/report on this page will help you know one way or the other what to do!

You might also find these 5 must-do tips for long lasting love & happiness useful


3rd Compatibility test – Cosmic Compatibility

This 3rd compatibility test  is a relationship reading for you and your partner which uses a  system is based on the Ancient Mayan Calendar. They understood how 2 people’s individual energies join together to form a unique and different energy when they are in a relationship with each other.

To order your compatibility test using cosmic compatibility you’ll just need to enter your name, your partner’s name, and your birth dates. You will then receive  your personal Compatibility Chart – Just click here for it.

I hope these 3 compatibility tests and reports help you to enjoy a long lasting, loving and highly compatible relationship!


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