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Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Actually Soul Mates?

Celebrity Name Compatibility – Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt


I recently looked at the name compatibility of Jen and Brad (as they are often known) to see whether my instincts about this couple were right. I’m going to share with you here a short but fascinating snippet from their name compatibility reading. At the bottom of the page I show you how to find out if you and your partner are soul mates.

But first…


You know some people just seem like they are meant to be together? In famous circles, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston spring to mind. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just felt instinctively that it was all wrong when Brad left her and got together Angelina Jolie?


It felt like Brad and Jen’s story had completely lost it’s way and he was not being true to himself. I was very sure his new relationship wouldn’t work out in the long term. Why? Because Brad and Jen seem like soul mates. And the soul mate connection is so strong. Other relationships won’t feel as ‘right’ as a soul mate connection. I am sure that in his heart he knew he had made a wrong decision but by then it was too late.

Meanwhile Jennifer had a relationship and marriage with Justin Theroux which has now ended.

Take a look at these dates of significant events in these 2 couple lives and see what you think, but to me it’s like some weird dance between the couples. Also, it’s interesting how many key events happen in August;


  • August 10, 2012 Justin and Jen get engaged
  • April 2012 Brad and Angelina get engaged (Jen and Brad get engaged to other people months apart!)
  • August 2014 Brand and Angelina marry
  • August 5, 2015 Justin and Jen marry
  • September 2016 Angelina files for divorce

Is it a coincidence that Angelina divorces Brad AFTER Jen is ‘safely’ married to Justin?



Did you notice how Brad’s appearance went downhill the longer he stayed with Angelina? When he was with Jen, he looked Golden. He just got greyer and greyer (and I am not talking about ageing) and the sparkle went out of his eyes. That’s how it seemed to me anyway!

I’m sure so many people want them to reunite because they too feel that Jen and Brad have a soul-mate connection. Yes he broke her heart in the most awful way. But we all make mistakes don’t we, some little, some HUGE like his, but you never know – maybe he learned his major lesson for this lifetime…


Here’s the snippet from their name compatibility reading (the whole reading is about 40 pages so I can’t share all of it here!)


Compatibility of the Heart’s Desire numbers is very important in a relationship –

few relationships last beyond the initial stage if the Heart’s Desire numbers are

not compatible.


Jennifer and Brad , yours is a beautiful combination, with great potential for

spiritual growth for both partners.  You are people who take life and life’s

mysteries serious.  Your strong intellectual and spiritual bond makes you thrive on

each other’s mental powers.

The relationship between two seven’s may start in the heart, but it quickly moves

to the soul and the term “soul mates” often applies to people who have the seven

in common in this part of the chart.

Poets at heart – even if you have never written a poem in your life – you

understand intuitively that your bond with each other is spiritual in nature and

more valuable to you than anything else in the world.  You grow together, without

the need to constantly be together.  You communicate in half sentences and you

often find yourself thinking or expressing the exact same thing your partner was

just getting ready to say.


Jennifer and Brad , if your relationship is moving towards maturity, you are likely

to be, as they say, connected at the hip.  Having said all that, there are also some

things you need to watch for not to spoil such a beautiful relationship.  The seven

excels at making mountains out of molehills.  No other number can, at times,

become as stubborn and unforgiving when it comes to small matters.  In extreme

cases, the seven can become small-minded, even neurotic.  While rare, a

tendency to let some minor discordance become a major disagreement does

exist.  What is interesting though is that, when that happens, it is almost always

over something minor because, when it comes to major issues, the seven is too

intelligent to narrow the mind to a small picture.  For example, the same person

who can lead a study and discussion group with great perspective and openness

of mind to even the most outrageous ideas can also turn into a hair splitter when

it comes to small household issues.


Jennifer and Brad , there is one issue you should be particularly aware of since it

has been known to break apart this kind of otherwise excellent number

combination.  You both experience a strong, highly imaginative inner life.  As a

consequence, you need time to be alone, you need your own space, your own

private domain.  When your living space is too small or when your hectic lives,

always surrounded by other people, makes this impossible, you will find that this

need for quiet personal space slowly starts to dominate everything else in your

life.  That is why it is not uncommon for someone with a seven in this part of the

chart, to one day just up and leave a promising career and a wonderful family.  It

is up to you not to let this anxiety, this need for space and peace become

overwhelming.  When you realize this is the ongoing process in your life, you

need to answer to the call in a responsible and timely manner.  It is much better

to take a four-week vacation than to keep going for another year or two, just to

reach a point where leaving permanently is the only option left.



Interesting, don’t you think?


The problem is, meeting your soul mate is no guarantee of a lifelong partnership. Nor is it a guarantee of living ‘happily ever after’. Each person has free will and if they have not worked on themselves enough, they may not make the best partner. Maybe they have addictions. Maybe they are selfish and self absorbed. Perhaps they just can’t stay faithful to anyone. Or maybe part of their path in this lifetime is to leave their soul mate and pursue a different experience, even if only for a while.


We need to remember we are all just human, and full of flaws and are at various stages on our spiritual path. Just because you meet your soul mate doesn’t mean they will be perfect! After all, we aren’t!


However, I believe that if 2 people who are soul mates are willing to learn how to create a great relationship – learn to understand each other, listen to each other, be supportive, be faithful, want the best for the other and so on… then, you could have a match that feels like it was made in heaven!!


If you would like to find out if you and your partner are compatible

Just go here to order your relationship reading: Name compatibility readings

You will receive about 40 pages of fascinating details about your relationship that you can use to help you know;

  • Whether you are compatible
  • How compatible you are in all the main areas of your life
  • See what events are coming up in your future so that you can plan accordingly to get the best out of your lives

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3 best compatibility test

How do you know if you are compatible? Ask yourself these questions.

How do you know if you are compatible?

Well, that really is the million dollar question!


If there was a totally foolproof way of knowing the answer, divorce rates would have plummeted!

Hang on though… maybe there is a way to know your compatibility, but not everyone is ophow do you know if you are compatibleen minded enough to use this ancient system!

Before we look at this ancient method (just click the image to see how compatible you are using the system) there are a number of more obvious ways to figure out your compatibility:


Draw up a list in 2 halves – how many things do you and your loved one have in common and what are your main differences? If you have zero in common this is not the relationship for you in the long term! These 10 points to consider are in no particular order. Just before we get to them, here’s an interesting fact;

In a ground-breaking study recently featured in the New York Times, psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love simply by having them ask each other a series of 36 questions. Read more.


  1. What values do you share?


  1. What music do you like?


  1. What interests or hobbies do you share?


  1. What are your political views?


  1. Do you have similar religious beliefs?


  1. Do you both want children or are you more career driven?


  1. Are your lifestyles similar?


  1. What do you want to do with your life long term?


  1. What are you each like with money?


  1. Do you like to have a good social life?


For example, if your partner likes to party hard and you prefer a quiet night in with a good movie, then however loved up you are right now, you may find this creates problems in the long term.

Or if they want a big family and you would prefer to be surrounded with dogs and cats then ask yourself if it’s time to re-think your relationship.

If your partner is hopeless with money and you manage your finances well, this issue could create major problems at some point.


You don’t need to be able to each tick every same point – but use your logic to decide whether you have enough in common on the big issues (money, religion, politics, children) as well as on the smaller ones.

If you are open-minded, check out how Cosmic Compatibility reveals how compatible you are – just go here.



Questions to ask yourselves if you want a happy love life

The following questions have little to do with relationship compatibility, but they are well worth asking if you want a happy love life! Compatibility alone is not always enough…


Can you be yourself around your partner?


Do you want to change them? Do they want to change you? Because when you are truly compatible, you won’t feel the need to change the other person.


Ask yourself whether your partner irritates you or uplifts you – because who wants a lifetime of being irritated by someone’s habits and ‘funny little ways?’ How much better to be with someone who makes you feel happy just by being in their company?


Do they make you happy or miserable most of the time? And vice versa – do you make them happy? Why would you want to be with someone who makes you feel upset/angry/depressed much of the time?


Are they supportive, do they consider your needs, or are they simply wrapped up in themselves? And vice versa.



Being in love doesn’t mean you are compatible!


Many people it seems, make major decisions about their relationship based solely on their FEELINGS while they are in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of the relationship.


In other words, you are all loved up, you think they are the most perfect, wonderful person in the world and you want to be with them all the time, forever. So, you decide to get married!


Hmm… Is that really a good time to make a life-changing decision? Particularly when we all know that the Honeymoon phase is exactly that – a phase.


It seems so real and so amazing at the time, but believe me, at some point the rose tinted spectacles start to clear and we notice or discover things about our partner that we don’t like!


That might not happen for a year or two, but what if you are married by then with a child on the way?


Far better to discover how compatible you are BEFORE you make any major decisions, don’t you think?


Some people feel that true love and the ‘fairytale’ doesn’t exist and you should be practical and make the best of whatever relationship you are in – but there are plenty of couples out there in the world who really feel they are each other’s ‘Soul Mate’. So, why would you settle for anything less?

Learn how YOUR NAMES can reveal your in-depth compatibility




3 best compatibility test

65% Of Parents Believe Children’s Names Influence Their Lives

According to an article today in the British newspaper The Mirror, many people believe there is more to a name that just a collection of alphabet letters – well, I’ve believed that for a long time and it’s great to see many others feel the same. What does my name mean? A lot more that you know…

I wonder how many of those parents have had their favourite baby names analysed to see HOW the name affects their child?

Choosing a baby name is (and should be) a serious business. Not only will the sound of the name affect the child’s life, but also it’s in depth meaning – for better or worse.

The sound of the name will affect how the child FEELS in many different ways. How many of us like our names? How many love our names? How many of us hate our names, or simply dislike them?

We use our names all the time, every day, multiple times, forever. So, you can imagine the gradual negative build up of having a name we don’t like. And vice versa – the positive impact of having a name we love.

It surprises me that so many people stay with a name they dislike – why not simply change it? I didn’t like my original surname (Smith) so I changed it when I was an adult. Why not? I would have changed my first name too if I hadn’t liked it.

Actors and singers often change their name, knowing the power a good name holds. So why not us ordinary folk?

Look how the Kardashian family harness the power of the letter K with all their names!

Look at the success actors with memorable names have – Cary Grant (who changed his name from Archibald Alexander Leach) is one example.

Pop singers like Katy Perry realise the power of a memorable name, her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson! It just doesn’t have the same ‘ring’ to it does it?

Looking beyond the sound of a name to deeper meanings, there is a whole world of information, all held securely within our names. The key to unlocking this information is the power of numbers. Every letter of every name has a numerical value which in turn has a meaning. Name analysis using numerology reveals these meanings and this is a tool that enables you to ensure you choose the best name for your child.

I do special name readings to help you choose the best baby name.

Or to find out what YOUR name reveals about you just go here.


3 best compatibility test

What does my name mean? Does it matter?

It never ceases to amaze me how much our names can reveal about who we are as a person, our best traits, our weak areas, what our life’s purpose is, and so on. What does my name mean is like the tip of an iceberg. That question is the tiny part of the iceberg you see sticking out the top of the sea, but the answer to the question lies beneath, and like the iceberg, there is a lot to discover below the surface!

As you may already know, we have the ancient Egyptians and Pythagoras to thank for the knowledge that enables us to discover our name meaning.

They founded the ancient system of numbers that we call name numerology.

Did you know that for every single letter of your FULL name there is a corresponding number?

Well, that is a fact! For example, the letter A corresponds to the number 1, the letter R corresponds to the number 9 – you can see them all here: Numerology calculation.

To reveal all the different pieces of information about you, there are a number of different calculations that can be done using the numbers derived from your name.

The final numbers that are revealed from this can then be interpreted by a Name Numerologist so that you can see just how amazing you really are!

I think it is very much like the process of having your astrology chart drawn up and interpreted. But instead of using the position of the planets when you were born, this system uses the letters of your name.

It is such a fascinating process, and you can get all the work done for you and see what YOUR name reveals (free) by going to the top of the right column and ordering your ‘what does my name mean‘ report.

It should be with you within just a few hours (or up to 1 day).

3 best compatibility test

Name Compatibility – Have you met your Soul Mate?

Soul Mates and Name Compatibility

Do you believe in Soul Mates? Do you believe there is that one special person out there, your ‘Other Half’ who you will feel more closely connected to and in tune with and complete with than anyone else? Maybe you are already with that person? Name compatibility is one way to help you know if you have met your Soul Mate. But read on for more ways to know…

I know I believe in Soul Mates! name compatibility


However I also know that many people think that such an idea is crazy. And I understand where they are coming from. After all, there are around 7.6 billion people in the world right now, so how on earth would you find your soul mate among all those billions? And why would there be just 1 Soul Mate for each of us? Why not hundreds or thousands of possible ones?


There’s no way to prove which view is right, and that’s a good thing because surely whichever belief makes you happy is the one that is best for you.


I know from my own experience that you can fall deeply and madly in love with more than one person. But with a Soul Mate connection, it’s a little bit different… See if you have experienced any of these things yourself ;


  • As soon as you first meet you feel as though you have met somewhere before
  • You soon feel you have known each other forever, even if you have actually only met a short time ago
  • When you get to know each other it is, at times, like you can read each other’s minds
  • You feel deeply contented when you are with them
  • You feel ‘alive’ in a way you have never experienced before
  • You literally feel like you cannot live without this person
  • You’re mentally ‘on the same wavelength’ and really ‘get’ each other


These could all be indications of a Soul Mate connection. However, meeting your Soul Mate does not guarantee ‘happy ever after’. It does not mean you will be with someone who is perfect. Nor does it mean that you won’t have problems in your relationship.


However, I feel it does have the strong potential to enable two people to be very deeply connected and potentially extremely happy long term, if both are willing to co-create a balanced, caring and loving relationship.


Lust and feelings of ‘being in love’ can sometimes mislead us into thinking we have found that one true love. It’s important to give the relationship time to cool down a little before rushing into any kind of lasting commitment like marriage or even living together. Just because someone makes your stomach flip over and your head to feel dizzy doesn’t mean you are compatible! And even though those feelings can last a long time, they won’t get you through the bad times if you don’t have enough in common.

That where a name compatibility reading can help. It will give you all the facts about all the different aspects of your relationship, so that you can use some logic as well as going with your ‘gut’ feelings and what your heart is telling you. You’ll discover which areas you are compatible in and which areas could cause problems. You will also see what is coming up in your future so you can take action to enhance the good events and minimise the challenging ones.

All too often I see couples trying so hard to make their relationship work. They are compromising to a ridiculous degree and suppressing their true feelings in order to keep the peace. Personally I don’t believe in clinging on no matter what. If a relationship isn’t enhancing you both then maybe it has run it’s course – or maybe you were never compatible in the first place.

But if the basis for a healthy, compatible relationship IS there, then you know it’s worth fighting for!

3 best compatibility test

Name Compatibility Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials I have received from clients who have had a Name Compatibility report done – Just go here to read them! You can see how incredibly helpful and accurate these reports are, and they are done simply from the full names and dates of birth of each partner. You also see all the events that are coming up for you in the future!

If you want to get the best out of your relationship just click here to find out more.

3 best compatibility test

Hipster Baby Names – Are These The Most Ridiculous Names Ever?

According to a new book called Hipster Baby Names by Australian Tobias Anthony names like the following ones are ‘ridiculously good’ – ahem, I would leave off the word good personally…

Here are 10 of the names:

Latte, Banksy, Fedora, Neville, Insta, Chia, Kale, Soy, Zen, Jagger.

Here are a few of my own, which are just as bonkers:

Chai, Towie, Easty, Tandem, Random, Beaut…

Seriously people, think about the long term implications before you name your child something stupid – and aren’t we all forgetting that names have MEANINGS? In depth meanings that you won’t find in baby name lists. Check out this page for all the details: Baby name meanings

3 best compatibility test

Getting Married? DON’T DO IT! (Till you read this)

Did you know that just over 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce?

But wait it gets worse: How about this for a sad statistic? The second time around, 60 percent of second marriages ending in divorce.

Third marriages? A whopping 73 percent end in divorce.

Hmmm… Don’t despair though! I have good news!

Let’s take a quick look at the problems and the solutions.

Would you agree that many people probably get married because they are in love? (Well, let’s hope so!)

And would you agree that the saying ‘Love is Blind’ is pretty true?

And do you think it’s possible that some people go into marriage for one of the following reasons: lust, passion, being in love, neediness, fear of loneliness, wanting security?


Ok, assuming that’s all true to some degree, wouldn’t it make more sense to look into HOW COMPATIBLE you and your partner are before getting into a legally binding situation?

Because if you take the word ‘marriage’ away (with all the romantic associations we’ve been brainwashed into believing) that’s what you are actually entering into. For life.

You are giving up your freedom and potentially half of everything you own and earn, to someone you probably don’t know all that well – because even when we have known someone a long time, unless they are very open and honest, do we truly know their TRUE selves?

And even if we do know them deep down and inside out, does that make them compatible for us?

name compatibility

What if you could read page after page of in depth information about all aspects of your partner that would reveal things about them that even they didn’t know?

Imagine discovering what their worst faults are so that you are at least prepared for that side of your partner (we all have faults but some of us keep them well hidden!).

What if you could see all their good points and really understand them at a very deep level so that along with being ‘in love’ you use LOGIC to decide if this is the person you want to be with FOREVER.

And what if this report spelled out exactly how compatible you both are in every aspect of your personalities and paths in life?

Would you want to read this BEFORE you made a lifelong commitment? I know I would! You can find out more here: Relationship compatibility.

3 best compatibility test

George Clooney and Amal’s Babies Names?

This world famous power couple have named their newborn twins Ella and Alexander – phew, that’s a relief, celebrities choosing NORMAL names! George has a classic name so maybe that could have influenced the choice, after all he hasn’t dome too badly with a ‘normal’ name has he…

Check out the WORST baby name meanings ever here!

But before you panic, if your chosen names are in the list, remember that it’s the IN DEPTH name meaning you should concern yourself with.

Using the ancient art of name numerology the true meaning of any name can be revealed!