Baby Names Meaning? #1 Way To Discover The True Meaning Of Any Baby Name

Baby names and meaning are usually found on baby name websites or in name books. But what if you want to know what YOUR baby’s name REALLY means?

A book of baby names or internet lists are ok if you simply want the single name meanings for baby names – you know, like ‘light’ or ‘child of God’ and so on… but think about that for a moment… what do those simple name meanings REALLY tell you that is of any benefit?

I want to tell you something about baby names and meaning that you won’t find in many places. This is very important if you want to ensure that you choose a positive baby name for your baby.

Did you know that the name you give your baby will affect him or her for better or worse their whole life?

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Baby names meaning

Did you know that the brief meanings you get in name books and on the internet only give you a tiny fraction of the real meaning of that name?

Knowing that your baby’s name means ‘hope’ or light’ or ‘strength’ is simply not enough.

That’s because our names have far deeper meanings than that, which can be discovered using name analysis numerology. This is a system that has stood the test of time and is widely used these days.

Name numerology will tell you how a name affects someone’s path in life, their career, health, relationships and much more!


How can baby name numerology help with baby names  meaning?

baby names and meaningHere’s how to benefit from baby name numerology…

Using Baby Name Numerology you will ensure your little one is given the best possible name for all aspects of his or her life – what a gift.

Most people are choosing baby names in one of these ways:

• They look through baby name books and choose a name with a meaning they like.
• They name their baby after a relative.
• They name their baby after a celebrity or other famous person.

Here’s the problem with all of those methods:

None of them tell you, the parent, how the name will affect the personality traits, health, career and life-path of your child.

The problem with the meanings in baby name books is that they are extremely brief.

I think the books are ideal for giving you inspiration and a wide choice of names, but don’t make your choice based on the meanings they give. I’ll share with you how to find out the in-depth meanings of names soon.

The drawback of naming your baby after a relative is that most people don’t think about whether that relative was a good person with a healthy, happy life. They feel a sense of obligation or sentimentality when they decide to name their little one after Great Grandad John or Aunty Paula. Do you even know whether your Great Grandad had a happy life?

Isn’t it more important that your baby girl or boy has a name that will benefit them in their life?

The same goes for the idea of naming a child after a favorite celebrity! Let’s face it, how many of us really want our offspring to follow in the footsteps of the famous? How many of them are actually happy and fulfilled? Fame can be a very hollow experience. Look at the crazy celebrity baby names they choose these days! How much will those poor kids suffer?


Discover the true meaning of any baby name

Why not try choosing baby names based on whether it FEELS and SOUNDS good to you (gut instinct can be a very useful tool!)

baby name meanings
Then, to be certain about how the name affects your child on a deep level, you can use a baby name numerology report.

This will analyze your top 3-5 favourite baby names and meaning and will show you which is best (taking into account the surname too).

I hope all this information will enable you to give your baby the best start in life – with the RIGHT baby names and meaning!

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