“What does my name mean?” Name numerology reveals the answers…

Welcome! If you are wondering “what does my name mean” I have a few surprises for you!What does my name mean? Name numerology reveals the true meaning

I have to warn you though, you may be shocked!


  1. I won’t be telling you that your name means ‘child of light’ or ‘hope’, or anything like that, however;
  2. I will be revealing your TRUE in depth name meaning, full of details about you that are astonishingly accurate.
  3. I will be demonstrating the incredible power that names have in all our lives.

I’ll also be sharing fun stuff and useful tips about names, like;

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Your name meaning reveals many fascinating secrets about you

Discover here what your name reveals about you using name numerology ~ it’s free!


The full answer to ‘what does my name mean’ opens up a whole world of in depth & also fascinating information that you can use to benefit you in your life.

Your Name Meaning is Revealed using name numerology with this detailed report all about YOUR name meaning.

Before I tell you more about the meaning of names and how astonishing they are, I thought you might like to read all about your name meaning which will be emailed to you within a few hours.

It will be about 4-6 pages long and will reveal what your name says about you, your personality, your path in life and much more…

What does my name mean? Get your Free Name Analysis – click here.


Do you like your name?

Now, just for a moment let’s digress from what does my name mean and look at other aspects of names ~ here are some questions I have for you, do comment at the bottom of the page:

  • Do you like your name? Or hate it?
  • Ever wondered ‘what does my name say about me?’
  • Does it make you feel good? Or bad?
  • Or do you wish your parents had named you something else?



What does my name mean? ALL your names have meanings and they all affect you

What does my name mean, including my middle and last names?

I used to think it was just my first name that had a meaning, but since studying names for many years I have found out that our middle names and our surnames affect us too. And did you know that the simple name meanings that most of us are familiar with are just the tip of the iceberg?

For example, you might look up your name on a website or in a name meanings book and it will tell you that it means ‘hope’ or ‘strength’. BUT the REAL meaning of your name is far, far deeper than that. It amounts to many pages of information about you, and it is all revealed by the letters in your Name analysis reveals uncovers secrets held within your namefull birth names.

Did you know that even the way a name sounds affects us?

No wonder so many famous people have changed their name to one that would be more positive for them.

You probably know that Elton John was called Reginald Kenneth Dwight at birth! Would he have been as successful if he was called Reg?

And the actress Portia de Rossi was born as Amanda Lee Rogers.

It’s not rocket science that if a name sounds good and is memorable then it’s going to help someone, and a name that sounds awful or just ordinary won’t benefit them at all.

And that’s before we look at what does my name mean!



What does my name mean — Here’s how the true meaning of names is uncovered

What does my name mean – and how do you find out? Well, the system that unlocks the meanings of our names is called name numerology. It’s truly fascinating and is based upon the science of numbers. That may sound a bit weird and wacky, but the the proof of whether it works is revealed in the free name analysis I mentioned higher up this page.


What does my name say about meDid you know:

Each letter of your name has a numerical value – for example, the letter M has the value of 4, while the letter B has a value of 2 and the letter Y has the value of 7.

To find out ‘what does my name mean’ you need to do a series of special calculations, and then different aspects of you can be revealed from your names.

You can find out more about what is revealed here.

Good News! In the free analysis I mentioned earlier, all those calculations are done for you and are included in the report so that you can see them.

Let’s think of your names like the channels on your TV. Your full name has a variety of different aspects to it, and each has so many different things to say about you. In order to tap into each channel we use numbers and calculations.


This video tells you more about name numerology:


The answer to ‘what does my name mean’ can help you in your life

What does my name mean in relation to the really important areas in my life? Bizarrely, your name can tell you all about your personality as well as your career, relationships and health. It also reveals your destiny or in other words, your path in life – what you are here for.

So, when you read your name analysis, you are finding out things about yourself and your life that you can use to your advantage.

What does your name reveal about you?For example, you will learn the type of work or career that you are the most suited to.

Imagine how useful that could be – instead of spending years in the wrong kind of job where you aren’t using your assets, you can go into a fulfilling career that you can excel in and enjoy because it ‘fits’ you well.


Here’s another example;

You will learn more about your relationships, which will give you the knowledge to see how to get the best out of them so you enjoy harmonious friendships and relationships.
What does my name mean for my health?

Well, you will find all aboutĀ  aspects of your health – where your strong points are and what your weaknesses are so that you can then take action to prevent the problem areas from ever taking hold and spoiling your health.

What does my name mean? More than you could have ever imagined!

We can’t live without names – here’s why!


Elsewhere on the site…

What your name reveals about your love life

What does my name mean for my relationships? Are you with ‘The One’? How do you know whether you are suited for the long term?Amazingly, it is possible to find out how well you are both suited by studying your full birth names!

It’s a little like astrology: you know how some signs are more compatible together than others? Well, it’s the same with names except that it’s more complicated than that.

It’s not just a case of saying that (for example) John and Mary are compatible names.

It’s so much deeper than that. And so it should be!

Your relationships are so important and getting it wrong can result in years (or a lifetime) of unhappiness. Not only that, but it can be very expensive emotionally Name compatibility and how it helps your love lifeand financially if you make a commitment to someone just based on physical attraction or that feeling of being in love!

It’s very useful to use relationship compatibility alongside your common sense and your instinctual feelings. If, deep down, you truly feel you are with the right peson, then you probably are. No doubts whatsoever? Be really honest with yourself, because when you ‘know’ for sure, you really do!

However, you can simply use a compatibility report to be doubly-sure!

If you have niggling doubts about someone, listen to those doubts. When you don’t listen to that ‘inner voice’ things tend to go wrong I find.

How good is my relationship and are we compatible?


Celebrity Names – they are seriously bonkers at times!

Do celebrities ever wonder ‘what does my name mean’? Now this is a subject I just love – some of their names (and their kid’s names!) are just so ‘out there’ – plus I am fascinated by celebrity name changes. I wish I had a time machine so I could see whether someone would still have been successful if they had kept their original name.

I have a whole section about celeb names here which I hope you will enjoy!

Personally, I believe that someone’s name plays a big part in their success: or in their lack of success if their name is easily forgettable or has the wrong ‘energy’ and meaning for their profession.

And I can’t be alone in thinking this, as I often read about ‘stars’ who either decided for themselves to change their name or else they had an agent or manager who got them to change to a ‘better’ name before working with them.

Some are lucky and are born with a great, memorable and unique name – like the singer Madonna for example.

But if you aren’t born with the best name, why not change to one that could benefit you?


Baby Names – what do they REALLY mean and how do they affect your little one?

What does my name choice really mean for my baby? I’ve dedicated a whole section to the importance of choosing the right baby name – and how to find out the REAL in depth meaning of a baby name. It really won’t help your child if you name them after Uncle Robbie or Nana Jenny if he/she had traits you don’t admire, because believe it or not, his/her first name was partly responsible for some of those traits!

Find out all about baby names and meaning here.

Personally I would not solely rely on the name meanings you get in baby name books and on baby name websites as they just don’t tell you anything useful in terms of what the name means in any detail. Knowing that a name means ‘blessed’ for example is not telling you anything about the personality traits associated with that name.

Does the name suggest someone who will be very introverted and insecure and prone to depression? Or does it mean someone will be creative and sociable – in other words, make sure you know enough about what the name will mean for your child before you decide to go with that name!

When your child grows up and asks ‘what does my name mean’ – imagine if you can show them in detail how their name is affecting them and how, by understanding the qualities their name brings, they can use that information to help them in all areas of their lives.

How can you show them? Simply by ordering a numerology report!


Why we as humans can’t live without names

Now, before you go thinking that I’m being a bit melodramatic, think about that heading for just a minute…

  • If you didn’t have a name, how would you live? Our entire identity both personally and legally is based on our name.
  • Imagine the chaos if no-one had a name!
  • And what if our towns and cities had no name… how would you be able to find anywhere?
  • And our countries?
  • And our pets?

Names are so vital and so important and yet we take them for granted and many of us go through our entire lives without realising the amazing information held within our names. No wonder people ask what does my name mean!

Read more


Names Blog for all the latest news about ‘what does my name mean’ and much more

On my names blogĀ  I go into all kinds of name meaning information aside from the ‘what does my name mean’ info – from the most bizarre celebrity baby names to the seriously spooky messages contained within names.

You won’t believe the incredible ‘messages’ held within the names of amazing people like Princess Diana and Elvis Presley… it freaked me out when I found them.

I hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe to it (it’s free) to keep right up up to date with all my ‘names news’ and special offers.


And last but not least:

The History of Names

“What does my name mean in terms of it’s history and origins and where does it come from?”

This in itself is a whole other interesting subject, which would take up more space than I have here. So, I hope you enjoy this excellent video which does a brilliant job of sharing some fascinating information about the history of surnames

Head over to my blog for more information about ‘what does my name mean’ and names in general.

What does my name mean? Simple request your free name analysis via the link at the top of the right column. It’s a fascinating report which you can use to help you through your whole life. Isn’t it amazing that our very names contain so much helpful information? Sadly most people will never discover it. You can be among the few who do!


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